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I think.........

I think I'm quitting my job. I've been at PJC for 5 years now in a part time position, and it doesn't lok like that will ever change. The job that I was so SURE I had....well I don't. I found out by walking into the office to say hello, and met the women that was hired. 
What sucks is that it would of been nice to hear about this from one of my *dear* friends that work in the department...the one that encouraged me to apply...the one that was on the hiring committee....but no, I find out strictly by accident.

My cat is still missing. I'm not holding out much hope on that front. It's been almost three weeks. I'm still looking, visiting the shelter and so forth, but I'm not feeling much hope...

I've started sending out apps and resumes for a new job. I may actually end up working at Wal-Greens in a "very important position" according to the hiring manager. What position he didn't say. Maybe as an assistant manager...all I know is he said the pharm tech positions had been filled, but that the person he had hired for this position had backed out at the last minute. It's a new store that's being opened, and I'll find out for sure when I go back for a formal interview on Wednesday. 

On other news I'm on Spring Break this week....which is great, except as a part time employee at PJC I don't get paid, and I'm so low on funds from the move that I can't afford to go anywhere. So it looks like an entire week of sitting at home flipping through channels, and playing WoW....aside from an interview here and there and trips to the shelter....a whole week to wallow in my own misery.....shiny.

I planted some daisy's.....been watching them sprout. Lots of fun. Maybe by the time they bloom I'll feel better......



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