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Random Stuff

I had an interview today. It's with the DEP(Dept of Environmental Protection) office. If I'm offered the job, and I take it, I'll be making more money, and I'll have state benefits, including paid holidays, sick leave, and annual leave. The benefits are awesome.
On the other hand I actually like the job I'm in now. Yes, some of the officers I work with are less than open-minded, and it is a very Christian office to work in, but I like it here. No one hassles me, and although I imagine I got a few raised eyebrows when I informed one of my co-workers that I don't celebrate christmas because I'm not christian, no one said much of anything. I get to wear my jeans to work everyday, and I'm pretty much left alone do get my work done.
On the third hand, I just became vegetarian (a month and counting, go me) and working in an office where hunting and fishing is something that happens everyday is kind of...ewww. Especially since I'll have to help with evidence soon, and that will entail actually TOUCHING dead fish, and deer. And deer heads...looking at me. *shudder*
On the fourth hand (I'm channeling Kali, so I have four hands) if I take the job at the DEP office I know I won't be moving anywhere. Since I've started dreaming of Seattle (it's all your fault Galyna...you had to tell us how awesome it is and how much you miss it) I've seriously been considering moving there. If I take this job though, I'll feel obligated to stay here for at least the next few years, and after that I'll be invested in the job, with all the retirement benefits that I won't want to loose.
On the fifth hand, I"m not sure if I should move anyway. I keep thinking about it as getting away, but then I realize that even if I do go, I'll be the same person, with the same issues. Nothing will change except my location. Sometimes I think I should get myself together, and than make a rational decision, instead of just wanting to run away.

So, that's where I'm at right now....what's a gal to do?



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