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I've made a few decisions. The most important one is that I'll be leaving my job here soon. I haven't heard anything from the DEP office yet (they did say after the holidays) but I'll either be taking that job, or actively looking for something else.
Becoming a vegetarian, it seems like the only choice I can make and stay true to myself. After answering a call today and telling a woman how to get permits to kill deer, I realized that its time for me to move on. I won't tell anyone else how to live their lives, but I also don't have to contribute to a practice that I don't agree with.
On the move...if I don't have another full time job by June, I'll be going. It will take me that long to save up enough to make the move. If I've found/accepted a state job by than, I will be staying where I am, although with a few changes. I'm going to look for a place closer to work, preferably on the bus route so that I can drive less. I'm also going to be looking for a place that has enough of a yard to plant a small garden. I want to begin growing some of my own food. I want to start with tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley, cucumbers, zucchini, salad greens, and herbs. If need be, all of those (with the exception of the sweet potatoes) can be grown in pots. Eventually, I'd like to plant more, but this would be a nice start to help both reduce my food bills, as well as to actually know where my food is coming from, and that its 100% organic.
I'm going to buy a bicycle and relearn how to ride it...I can use that as a form of exercise, as well as cutting down on my driving.
I'm also decluttering my life. I'm starting by getting rid of some books that I no longer need. Some (the pagan type books) are going to the Unitarian Universalist church for a library they have, and the rest are going to Open Source books to be distributed to prisoners. I've got clothes I no longer wear and those will be donated to the Humane Society thrift shop. Once I've made those simplifications, I plan to look int other ways to simplify /reduce my footprint...both literally and figuratively. I don't use most of the stuff I have, but I'm a pack rat. I don't like to clean, and I hold onto things way too long.

Enough for now, but I'll update again when I've gotten some of this accomplished.


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Dec. 25th, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
This is all incredibly awesome. Good for you!
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